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Nitrofurazone Gauze Dressing

The sterilized nitrofurazone dressing, nitrofurazone gauze dressing is impregnated in water soluble ointment base Containing Nitrofurazone 0.2% w/w, which helps quick healing.

Nitrofurazone is active in the presence of pus and debris in water soluble base.

Skin wound dressing and nitrofurazone gauze dressing is available in 10 cm x 10 cm. x 10 pcs. per container.

Antiseptic Gauze Dressing impregnated with 0.2% Nitrofurazone for adjunctive treatment of partial or full burns.

Treatment of skin infections and wounds.

Application before skin grafting.

Indication :
For adjunctive treatment and prevention of infection in skin loss lesions Cuts, Ulcers and Wounds including Post-operative wounds andany other conditions as directed by the physician.