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Sterilization Packaging Material

Medical sterilization packaging, sterilization flat reels, sterilization paper are made of Medical Grade paper+PET/CPP film and are widely used in hospitals, medical equipment and medical disposables manufacturers. These sterilization paper, flat reels have been sterilized using E.O., radiation, steam and provide a strong sterile barrier.

  • Easy identification of contents through the transparent plastic film
  • Clean, fibre-free while opening of packs ensures the safe presentation of sterile products
  • Strong,durable multi line seals
  • Indicator imprints for steam, EO and radiation sterilization
  • Sizes can be flexibly agreed on to meet the requirements of the packed item
SMS Tray Wraps are four layer material, which is made of two layers of spun bond and ensures extraordinary flexibility and drape ability. The two melt blown layers are an efficient barrier against bacteria. The two sides with different tones, enable easy identification of tears/damage to sterilized packs. These tray wraps act as a good moisture absorbent and facilitate the sterilization process. The liners absorb condensation and the wet trays and allow better drying. These liners also help to wipe, fit snugly on bottom of the container and absorb the condensate inside sterilization container.

  • Made of a special water absorbing non woven
  • Placing wipes inside the tray reduces danger of damage due tosharp and pointed medical instruments through rough handling

Sterilization Paper

Sterilisable Paper is constructed with 45 lb. medical grade paper, 2 and 1/2 mil laminated film and a large seal area to prevent blowouts. White sterilization paper is see-through and heat resistant and the blue poly-film materials and chemical indicators change color when processed. Blue indicator arrow turns brown in steam or with chemical vapor sterilization processes and the pink indicator arrow turns yellow in EO gas processes.


Easy to use :
These Sterilisable Paper is cut to proper length and placed inside the tubing and seal with heat sealer or tape. Available in seven convenient widths and two different lengths, each roll allows for clear visibility of items being processed.

5 Year Shelf-Life :
Shelf-life testing documented 5 year sterility assurance through an independent testing laboratory